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Gillan Technologies Inc.


Who we are:

Gillan Technologies Inc. (GTI) is a Canadian information technology consulting company headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. GTI's commitment to technical expertise and client support has been the cornerstone of its success. GTI has over 20 years of design and implementation experience in information technology on a wide variety of hardware and software platforms. GTI offers extensive experience in all aspects of project development from preliminary analysis through user acceptance and training.


What we offer:

Hardware Expertise

We have extensive experience with HP Servers, HP-UX,  Windows Server Editions, Windows Vista, Windows XP . Additionally, we have a working knowledge of several mini and mainframe platforms, including Sun, DEC/VAX, MAI, Honeywell, Data General and IBM.

Gillan Technologies Inc. is proficient with many networking/data communications technologies in use today.




Gillan Technologies Inc. is proficient with most programming languages in use today. This includes Visual Basic, PowerHouse, Pascal, C and C++,  Assembler, COBOL, FORTRAN, PowerBuilder, BASIC (many versions), RPG II and RPG III , and Transact .

Our database experience extends to Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, XDB, AllBase, InterBase and C-ISAM. These skills also extend to MS Access, Clarion, Dbase, UniVerse and jBASE. Our legacy expertise includes IMAGE, IMS, KSAM, ISAM and VSAM

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